Version 14 (18.02.2019)

Geolantis.360 version 14 release notes:

New FeaturesImprovementsBug Fixes
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Introduced the stake out functionality which enables measuring distances and identifying coordinates compared to a certain location on the map.
Introduced custom inspection reports which integrates feature attributes, metadata, and visual location on the map.
Enabled options for importing additional elements as well as documents of a KLIC project.
Geolantis.360 Android App
Enabled displaying coordinates according to the local spatial references.
Introduced precise calculation of  XYZ coordinates according to specific vertical grid configuration.
Custom spatial transformation of Australian local coordinates systems when Spot Prime satellite correction service is enabled in the EPSG code.
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Improved the function of importing dynamic values through the quick insert option.
Improved the function of importing CSV feature class files to avoid random color selection of the imported attribute records.
 Geolantis.360 iOS App
Improved the error handling mechanism if Internet connection is not available to login.


Geolantis.360 Android App
Fixed an issue concerning the display of project documents interface in landscape mode.
Fixed an issue concerning the error handling when compiling the Geoid grid calculation of the specified EPSG spatial reference.
 Geolantis.360 iOS App
Fixed an issue concerning the Select List attribute type in the Forms attribute editor.
Fixed an issue concerning the initial data synchronization after first login.


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