Geolantis.360 version 15 release notes:

New FeaturesImprovementsBug Fixes
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Introduced new custom inspection reports which includes feature attributes, as well as visual location n the map.
Geolantis.360 iOS App
Introduced feature classes ordering by Priority setting that can be configured from Geolantis.360 web portal.
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Improved the map interactivity so that Feature Class minimum zoom level is recognized once the zoom-to-layer option is activated.
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Fixed an issue when linked features of a parent Feature Class were not counted in the Task Type description.
Fixed an issue concerning the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Absence page.
 Geolantis.360 iOS App
Fixed an issue concerning the map display, in the Inspection module, of features with certain attributes.
Fixed an issue concerning the parsing of KLIC project attributes.


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