Version 17.1 (12.07.2019)

Geolantis.360 version 17.1 release notes:

New featureImprovementsBug Fixes
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Added function to upload CAD files in GIS-Tasklist
Added a Geolantis.360 XML export / import function to migrate between systems / accounts
Added a MS Azure file storage option for storing photos / documents in the cloud
Geolantis.360 Android App
Added a new feature selection option. By clicking a feature twice it get’s deselected.
Added a keep GPS alive function (Stop energy saving mode)
Geolantis.360 Android App
Optimised the loading algorithm for loading features
Optimised the loading algorithm for loading basemap features
Improved the feature selection.
Changed inspection marker size for Handheld Algiz RT7 devices
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
DXF-Export: Added the category of the task in the export (Dutch SYNFRA/DSP mode)
Improved the KLIC-Import functions (Netherlands) to cut invalid polygons in the KLIC datasets
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Fixed a KML export issue
Fixed a bug with time values. Showed a wrong time in some time zones.
 Geolantis.360 iOS App
Re-Added the layer switching for Dutch KLIC layers for the vector layers
Fixed a performance issue
 Geolantis.360 Android App
Fixed a bug with the tilt calculation of Stonex S10 devices
Fixed a small display issue in the GNSS info bar
Fixed the feature loading for KLIC geometries (Netherlands KLIC)


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