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How to work with Leica Spot corrections?

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PPP (Leica Spot) Background

Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is a positioning method that provides corrections to a GNSS receiver to improve position accuracy. PPP is available for the Leica GG04 plus smart antenna and works anywhere in the world, anytime. As the corrections are provided via satellite rather than the internet, you do not have to rely on mobile internet coverage or radio signals. The survey grade GG04 smart antenna is capable of measuring to centimeter accuracy when using PPP, removing the need for network RTK or base/rover setups.

  • Measure without limits: get high accuracy measurements anywhere in the world, including remote and harsh environments, without having to rely on an internet connection or radio signals
  • Save time: simplify your work with no further costs as base station setups or communication equipment are not needed
  • To keep working: performance is maintained in difficult or variable conditions. PPP can work alongside network RTK when it is available
  • Ease of use: No specialist training required. Simply start the PPP service at the touch of a button in the Zeno Connect apps
  • No post-processing: As PPP provides high accuracy positions in real time, there is no need for post-processing software and knowledge

Spot option

Convergence time


Spot Prime

up to 15 min

10 cm and better

Spot Lite

up to 8 min

60 cm and better

How to work with PPP corrections in Geolantis?

Important notes

In relation to how Spot (PPP) corrections function, there are several important measures have to be taken.

  • Do not collect data with standard RTK (Real-time kinematic) services in a PPP (Spot configured project)
  • Do not collect data using PPP corrections and standard RTK corrections in one project!


How to configure projects in Geolantis?

1) Create a new project in Geolantis.
It is recommended to name them accordingly “e.g. Nullabor PPP”

2) Configure the proper EPSG code
Either create a new EPSG definition and select from a template or select the already configured code from the dropdown list.

3) If not already in the dropdown list, click on the + button
A dialog opens. Type in GDA94 (or GDA2020) in the “Load template” field to find a proper transformation setting.

Don’t change the order of the parameters!

4) The project should look like this:

How to work with Spot (PPP) corrections in Geolantis?

  1. Configure Leica Zeno Connect to work with Spot corrections
  2. Open Geolantis360 on Android
  3. Select the project configured to work with PPP
  4. Do the data collection


How to import data to projects configured for PPP?

  • When importing existing data, don’t select the PPP configuration – but use the standard GDA94 (or GDA2020 respectively) transformations!
  • When importing Shape-Files, don’t use the file definition, instead use the relevant projection from the list in Geolantis.

Select for example GDA94 zone 51 (without PPP!!!)

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