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How to organize working teams?

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Define Work Groups & Team Structure



Use the Resources Administration page to organize the structure of the mapping work and/or the mapping team(s).

Organizational Units (Org. Units) can be defined as main levels and sub-levels.

According to the Org. Unit structure, mapping projects in the field app can be accessed only by users in the same (or higher) Org. Unit.

  1. Go to Resource Administration page
  2. Click New to create Org. Unit
  3. Click Edit to modify existing Org. Unit
  4. Click Delete to remove Org. Unit
  5. Open the Assignment menu to assign users to Org Unit¹

Hint: Use the mouse to drag & drop Org. Units under main or sub-levels.


Important Tips!

1- Assigning users to Org. Unit can be done also from the Users page

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