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What is Geolantis.360?

  • Geolantis.360 is the only enterprise utility mapping  and inspection solution in the market.
  • It combines surveying, mapping, GIS, and CAD functions, as well as workforce management in one application.
  • Geolantis.360 is a unique cloud-based solution for utility mapping and infrastructure networks detection that delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) to manage projects, tasks and geospatial data within one central dashboard.
  • Geolantis.360 is a mapping solution for documenting pipelines, cables and other infrastructure networks.

Geolantis.360 vs. GIS System

  • While the software allows GIS-like data management and collection, it does not offer all functions of a full GIS system such as data analysis, geo-processing functions, and spatial queries.
  • Geolantis.360 should be considered only as a solution for collecting and visualizing GIS features.

Geolantis.360 vs. CAD System

  • Geolantis.360 allows importing and exporting CAD files.
  • However it shows a CAD file (drawing) in every detail and goes far beyond how a GIS software can display CAD data, it does not offer creating all CAD feature types (arcs, splines,…, etc.).
  • It allows creating only basic spatial feature types such as point, line, and polygon.

Geolantis.360 vs. Surveying Systems

  • Geolantis.360 Inspector and Collector field app allows surveying-like data collection tools but does not offer every function offered in a surveying software such as angle measurement, leveling, and 3D laser scanning.
  • It integrates GPS sensors such as GNSS, TPS and detection devices (EMI, GPR) and offers basic surveying functions to document detected underground utilities.
  • It should enable non-surveyors to map pipelines and cable networks.

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