Managing & Visualizing Project Data

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Features Page

Geolantis.360 provides an advanced GIS viewer to analyze imported or collected project geodata.

The Features page under GIS section in the navigation panel is a central tool to visualize and manage geodata  which offers the following:

  • Review collected data per project on the map
  • Check GNSS accuracy of surveyed features
  • Multiple filter options to find specific features
  • Switch on/off layers or layer groups
  • Select features by layer
  • Select features by attributes
  • Select features by area
  • Select features by time frame
  • View features attribute list and metadata
  • Possibility to create and edit feature
  • Exporting features to of multiple CAD/GIS formats
  • Access attached project documents and photos

The Features page in Geolantis.360 version consists of the following sections:

1. Project Selection

Select a project from the project selection drop-down list to visualize and analyze its content. Only „active“ projects will be listed for project selection.

2. Filter Options

Multiple options to filter features by user, time, accuracy, status, and attribute values.

3. Project Content
  • Layers Tab: List of feature class categories containing project data.
  • Documents Tab: List of documents attached to the project.
  • Project Information Tab: Project description and other details.
4. Display Map

The map section offers several tools to create, visualize, and select features.

5. Attributes Table

The attributes table shows records of the selected features (using filter and/or map selection options). The selected features can be also edited and exported to variant GIS and CAD formats from the attributes table section.

Use the highlighted arrow at the top of navigation panel to hide/show the navigation panel when more space is needed


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