Geolantis COLLECTOR iOS App

Collector screen

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Description of Viewer/Collector main screen functions



No. Option Description
1. Side menu Click on menu to jump to Dashboard, other modules or to logout of the app
2. Project chooser Click on the project name to open the project chooser
3. Search box Allows to search for certain type of objects (features) or attributes
4. Sync button
  • Triggers the data sync
  • Data is synchronised with the server
5. Layer setting Opens the Layer switcher panel
6. Settings screen Opens the settings dialog
7. Center map to actual position Centers the map to the current location.
Long click to activate Auto-Panning
8. Zoom to project full extent

Zoom to project extents

  • Note that certain features can be shown at certain zoom levels
  • The map can be empty after clicking on this button
  • Use the features  tab to navigate to objects or click on Center to current location
9. Zoom in/out Use the +/- button to zoom in/out
Or pinch & zoom with the gestures on the map
10. GNSS marker Shows the GNSS quality (Green, Orange, Red)
11. Documents Shows the attached project documents
12. Project details Project attributes (if set)
13. Features/Objects list List of all project features
14. Map screen The map screen shown above
15. Map scale bar Shows the map scale
16. Base map There are different basemap options. Basemaps are background maps. There are several background map options.
17. GNSS accuracy range Shows the estimated GNSS accuracy provided by the device or external GNSS antenna (rover)
18. Current GPS position marker Shows the current position
Either no location is shown / or the current position
19. Feature/object Drawn featuer on the map
20. Add feature (data collection) Start mapping/creating new feature
21. Measure and stake-out Measure distances and navigate to objects


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