Release Notes

Geolantis.360 Web Portal

Web version 17.4.0 (06.2022)

  • Implemented a common coordinate transformation across countries and platforms, supporting grid files and vertical and horizontal grid transformations
  • Support non square aspect ratio map icons and also a customisable scale factor
  • Mapbox Vector Tiles to Support Styling in Geolantis.360
  • Add Mapbox vector tile updates for Mobile
  • Update configurations for RDNew and RDNew_2018 for Netherlands High Precision Deployment
  • Change the default configuration for the UK transformation (OSGB)
  • Update EPSG code definition with new transformation sets
  • Improve the measurement ruler function in Feature Map View to provide easy to annotate maps
  • Synfra sketching s wrong with the EPSG with Grid file
  • Incorrect displaying color of the new created feature class point
  • Fixed creating feature class icons using vector .svg files