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“We are delighted to be part of the combined solution with Geolantis cloud-based technology that will simplify utility surveying and asset management workflows for a more productive user experience. Previously disparate data from various sources can now be streamlined into one intuitive user interface.Through this strategic partnership with Geolantis, users will be able to leverage expertise from leaders in the field of detection and cloud solutions for faster and better decision making."

Katherine Broder, Leica Geosystems Construction Tools Division president, Switzerland

“Geolantis provides an industry leading platform for the most complex and challenging subsurface mapping projects and we are excited to introduce it to our clients, partners and prospects, their proven technology goes beyond the ‘Wow-factor’ to enhance the value of utility surveying for everyone involved.”  

Michael A. Clifford, PLS, DGT’s co-founder and principal, USA

”I’m excited about the collaboration between these two companies. With Geolantis we can provide fully digital aeronautical data and high service quality from the originator to the central European database EAD. This allows us to establish a unique, fully integrated electronic data chain without media breaks. In so doing, we will enable simplified data origination in a robust, long-term solution to ensure that our customers’ data quality meets and even exeeds the international requirements of an ever-growing aeronautical community. And all this with a reduction of overall operational costs.”

Joachim Lennarz, Director of Information Solutions at Frequentis, Austria

"Geolantis.360 is the only software we have found that aligns with our core philosophy of data management with project planning and operational management - a case of GIS meets ERP. This system gives us the ability to manage more with less."

Bruce Baker, Director at Utility Mapping, Australia

"Geolantis is a success story for developing a new workflow for subsurface utility mapping and utility damage prevention for our firm. The learning curve was very short and easy to deploy with staff that would not be agreeable to learning traditional survey instruments and software. The ROI will be very short as we have reduced the dependence on outside survey contractors."

Michael A. Twohig, VAC Group Pty. Ltd. Adelaide, Australia

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