Geolantis.360 version 3.5 release notes:

New FeaturesImprovementsBug Fixes
Improved the new feature map
Task editor: Added “Dispatch and close” button
Feature map: It is now possible to save and load attribute filters
Bulk assignment of map-services to projects
External document storage: Added function to download the raw data file names of forms
Possibility to send an email to team lead after a task is closed
Custom AutoCad Export with special EED attributes
The team leaders of organizational units are now displayed in the resource administration
Adapted object pop up details
Added time range filter based on role model
Filter by point state
Translation: Improved fall back mechanism
Forms: enabled bar code and NFC attributes
Translation: Improved fallback mechanism
Forms: enabled barcode and NFC attributes
Added right for printing dashboard report
Form editor: Attempting to open a report after modifying a form but before saving it now displays a warning message
Forms: Added project name column
Features: Fixed an issue where the task previously selected in the filter would not be saved and restored between page loads
Added Collector-Mode attributes, modify-date and foto-links to the geo-object API
Fixed coloring of features based on their attributes
GIS task list: Column layout is now saved between page loads
Features: Fixed an issue where default values of attributes were not filled in when creating a new feature
Form configuration: Removed unused “default value” field from “Select list” and “Slider” components
Tasks: Added possibility to make task group selection mandatory
Feature map improvements
User interface: Fixed an issue where the borders around text fields would be invisible in Chrome and Opera when zooming out
Inspector: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to update the inspection status via the web interface
Fixed attributes were not imported using Geolantis360.XML
Fixed a bug where features could not be loaded in the feature map using Internet Explorer 11
Task window: Fixed an issue where the selected project would be removed from a task when the project is inactive during editing
Attributes Editor: Fixed issue with “select list” attribute
Recorded forms: Fixed an issue where the sorting of the “Task” column was incorrect
Vehicle editor: Fixed an issue where the vehicle license information can not be saved in certain circumstances
Projects: Fixed an issue where projects were being deacivated up to two days before their expiry date
Fixed a bug where basemap layers could not be shown separately on the map
Fixed a bug where world files could not be imported
Fixed a bug where WFS layers could not be loaded due to an invalid type
Fixed a bug where addressed of i.e. employees could not be shown on the map
Reports: Fixed an issue where downloading PDF reports was not possible if too many records were selected
Inspection report: White space is ignored during sorting
Fixed form attribute duplication issue
Projects: Fixed issue where projects could not be created when the project type has a combobox attribute
Feature list: Attribute filter drop down scrolls properly now
Fixed issue with loading support page
Reports: Fixed an issue where after adding an attribute to a task type, it was not possible to select that attribute in the report designer
Support portal: Fixed issue where it was not possible to modify the contact E-mail address after a ticket was created
Fixed a bug where WMS layers could not be shown in the map
Forms: Fixed an issue where forms couldn’t be saved if they had many recorded values (> 2000)
Fixed issue with searching in Recorded forms
Task editor: Reduced loading times when opening a task with many and/or big forms
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