Geolantis.360 version 9 release notes:

New FeaturesImprovementsBug Fixes
Geolantis.360 Android App
Features Collection Enabled integration of Stonex S900 GNSS Receiver and automatic detection of the antenna offset.
Geolantis.360 iOS App
Features Collection Enabled Antenna Height settings and storing their values as feature attributes.
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Data Exchange Increased speed of data synchronization.
Geolantis.360 Android App
Features Collection Improved functionality of automatic GPS activation configuration.
Geolantis.360 iOS App
Attributes Improved quality of saved photo editing and marking.
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Tasks Fixed an issue when imported raster data were accidentally skewed.
Reports Fixed an issue concerning Inspection reports.
Attributes Fixed an issue concerning Bar Code attribute type configuration.
Forms Fixed an issue concerning form versions after editing recorded data.
 Geolantis.360 Android App
Projects Fixed an issue concerning the display of particular KLIC layers in high zoom levels.
Features Fixed an issue when some point features were misplaced in certain circumstances.
Features Fixed an issue concerning base-map features display.
 Geolantis.360 iOS App
Data Exchange Increased speed of data synchronization.
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