Geolantis.360 version 13 release notes:

New FeaturesImprovementsBug Fixes
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Introduced new custom dashboards for workforce management.
Introduced Arabic language support of the main system interfaces.
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Improved the feature class chooser in the Map page so that it automatically activates a feature class when new features are created.
Improved the functionality of importing KLIC files with additional elements.
 Geolantis.360 Android App
Provided additional attribute field in the Equipment resources list.
Geolantis.360 Web Portal
Fixed an issue concerning the export of KML/KMZ files which include photo attachments.
Fixed an issue concerning the import of certain KLIC files.
Geolantis.360 Android App
Fixed an issue concerning basemape features loading.
 Geolantis.360 iOS App
Fixed an issue concerning the Select List attribute type entry.


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