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How to pair to the Radiodetection RD8200SG?

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Connecting Geolantis360 to the RD8200

This guide details how to pair the RD8200SG locator/GNSS with Geolantis360. The device requires individual pairing with its locator and GNSS features and is compatible with Android platforms. Presently, IOS support for the RD8200SG is not available.

The RD8200SG (Survey Grade) EM Locator comes with 2 Bluetooth connection

  • Bluetooth for the Locator
  • Bluetooth for the integrated GNSS device


How to pair

  1. Entering Pairing Mode on Your Locator Device:
    • Access the pairing settings by navigating through the menu: Press the sequence of keys leading to ‘SMLOG’, then proceed to ‘PAIR’.
      Press  > > >  SMLOG >  > > PAIR > 
  2. Initiating Pairing:
    • On your Locator device, press the key designated for starting the pairing process.
      Press the key on locator to start pairing cycle.
  3. Setting Up on Android Device:
    • Open your Android phone and go to ‘Settings’.
    • Navigate to the ‘Bluetooth’ section.
  4. Connecting the Devices:
    • Use the Bluetooth setting to search for new devices.
    • Select your Locator device from the list to establish a connection.

5. Select the 82SG-XXXXXX in Available devices.

6. When asked for a passkey, enter 1234.

7. 82SG-XXXXXX should now be shown in Paired devices

To enable survey grade accuracy, Bluetooth pairing to both the locator and GNSS antenna is required.



Parining video

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