Data Collection Setup

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Mapping with Geolantis.COLLECTOR field app requires a general setup in the web portal to prepare a mapping project. Project in Geolantis.360 is a container of all elements related to a specific mapping or surveying job.

Users, as well as Customers, can only access project(s) within the Org Unit(s) they belong to. Additionally, a Project Type should be configured (if needed) prior setting up a project so that the project parameters are configured according to a particular project type.
Moreover, since the project data will be stored in feature classes, therefore the feature class setup needs to be defined before starting the data collection.

Go to Geolantis.360 web interface, and start configuring the following settings before using Geolantis field app:

  • Configure Org. Units to structure mapping team(s) and work groups
  • Configure Users settings. Users can access only a project(s) within the same Org. Unit.
  • Define Customers (if needed) as a  client of the mapping project
  • Define Project Type as a scope of the field work
  • Configure mapping Projects
  • Set up Feature Classes as a dataset of the collected mapping features

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