Mapping Quick Start

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Start Geolantis app on your Android device and log in using your credentials

  • Enter username
  • Enter password
  • Click Login

    ∗ Contact your support agent if you are not able to login

Mobile Field App Out of the Box

Users with Geolantis.COLLECTOR subscription have access to the Collector module in Geolantis mobile field app.

Use the Collector module to start data collection in your field mapping project

1.Open Project list

2.Select project

3.Move to your current GPS location

4.Click Add feature icon

5.Select “My Position”

6.Select feature class to map

Mapping screen

Press and hold any button to see the function description. Read the Golantis.360 Mobile Interface user guide for more details.

1. Access side menu
2.View project layers
3. Search feature category
4. Start data collection
5. Connected Bluetooth devices
6. Configure map settings
7. Create new point/node
8. Finish data collection
9. Zoom controls
10. GPS accuracy
11. Move to current GPS position
12. View full extent of projects features
13. Map scale bar
14. Active feature class for mapping
15. Place multiple points or polygon nodes
16. Activate distance auto recording
17. Current GPS position on the map

Create New Features

Mapping new features in Geolantis.360 mobile app can be done based on user‘s actual GPS position, or manual recording from any defined location on the map.

Start mapping in My Position mode as follows:

  • Add new feature to your mapping project by clicking the Place button     and select feature class.
  • Click the bold Place button     to create new point/node and start walking to continue mapping.
  • Click the Done  button     to save and sync the recorded features or click the cancel button     to abort the mapping.
  • GPS accuracy indicator must be green for high accuracy, or orange for medium GPS accuracy. Red GPS indicator will not allow features recording when GPS accuracy is low.
  • After data syncing is completed, the created features can be viewed and exported from the Features page at Geolantis.360 web portal.


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