Web Interface Navigation Panel

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1. GIS section includes the following pages:
  • Features: Map editor where features can be filtered, exported, created and edited
  • Map connection: Establish WMS/WFS connections
  • Map Service: Configure WMS/WFS project assignment
2. MASTER DATA section includes the following pages:
  • Resources Administration: Manage company resources (organizational units)
  • Users: Manage users & logins
  • Customers: Manage customers info.
  • Projects: Manage projects
  • Devices: List of connected field devices
3. CONFIGURATION section includes the following pages:
  • Project Types: Manage project types and define the scope of work
  • GIS Setting: Define GPS tolerance for field mapping accuracy
4. Geolantis.360 section includes the following pages :
  • About Geolantis.360: Includes the account name, download link for the mobile app, user manual, and useful links

    The arrow at the top right can be used to hide/show the navigation panel when more space is needed.

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