Form Management

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Forms Overview

The Form Management page under Configuration section can be used to create and configure smart forms in Geolantis.360. The authorized managers can create and customize forms over Geolantis.360 web portal which can be filled out by the field workers to submit data concerning a specific field job or task.

Managing Forms

Geolantis.360 offers multiple form templates that can be used instantly when needed. Depending on the purpose of the field job, existing forms can be adapted, and new customized forms can be created as well.

Use any of the existing form templates, or create new forms as follows:

  1. Go to the Form Management page
  2. Select one of the existing forms to edit or copy
  3. Click on  New to create a customized form
  4. Click on  Edit to adapt an existing form
  5. Click on Copy to duplicate and customize an existing form
  6. Click on Activate/Inactive to show or hide a selected form (use the Active/Inactive/All filter on the top and click the filter reload button to display forms in different visibility status). Only active forms can be accessed by mobile field users
  7. Click on Import to import single or multiple forms from an external XML file that has been exported previously from Geolantis.360
  8. Click on Export to export single or multiple selected forms to an XML file as a backup
  9. Customize the list of columns to display information about forms. Only the selected columns from this list appear in the columns of the form list below
  10. Use the Search bar to find a specificforms. Search results will appear only after typing at least three characters
  11. Click on XML, CSV, or Excel to export a list of the displayed form entities

Form Setup

Each form can have specific attribute fields. Those attribute fields can be configured when creating a new form or when editing an existing Form. The following description shows how to set up attribute fields in the Form Description (edit) window:


1. Switch between ‘General’ tab and ‘History’ tab

General General form setup
History The History tab shows a log of the active version of the form, and history of the previous edit versions of the same form. Additionally, the form can be set to [Productive/Not Productive (draft)] in the History tab.

2. Define the general properties of the form

Name Provide a unique name for the form
Key If the key value is not automatically generated, define a unique key value of the form. The key value is used to fetch data for reporting purposes.
Description Provide a brief description and instructions about the purpose of the form
Type » Standard Form Standalone form that can be accessed and filled out at any time by any user in Geolantis.360 field app
» Task Form Configure the form for ‘Tasks’ workflow. Additional options will appear to complete the task form configuration
» Vehicle Form Configure the form for ‘Vehicle’ workflow. Additional options will appear to complete the vehicle form configuration
» Place Form Configure the form for ‘Place’ workflow. Additional options will appear to complete the place form configuration
Visibility Define if the form should be accessible by all users or only for specific user (by role)

3. Set the draft form as ‘Productive’

4. The number of values shows how many attribute fields are included in the form

5.Use the attribute editor to create or modify attribute fields

6. Click on an attribute to configure its parameters

7. Configure the attribute General parameters

8. Configure the attribute Input Mode configuration

9. Configure the attribute Visibility options

10. Configure the Expert settings when needed

11. Indicator that the form being is in use

12. Save the form



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