Bluetooth Configuration Menu

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  • Bluetooth menu shows a list of supported GNSS antenna types that can enhance the positional accuracy of the mobile device such as Leica GG04 antenna
  • This list also contains supported types of equipment for utility detection such as Leica Ultra Locator
  • When Geolanis.360 app connects to other external antenna or locating equipment via Bluetooth, this menu shows the established connection

  • When a successful Bluetooth connection is established, the grey Bluetooth symbol    appears at the lower right in the location service info bar.
  • Depending on the established Bluetooth connection, the location service label changes accordingly.

For example, if Geolantis.360 mobile app is connected to NMEA location service provider (GNSS antenna) such as Leica GG04, the label in the location service info bar changes to NMEA.



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